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The Modern Perm and Why You Want One | B Hair Salon

The Modern Perm and Why You Want One | B Hair Salon

The perm is back baby! Straight out of the 80s and 90s, perms are making waves again, thankfully though they have had a makeover. Unlike the perms of the past that went for a voluminous curly and tight coil that could look frizzled, stiff and harsh, the modern perm is soft and feminine.

The modern perm has an effortlessly appealing look that combines volume and texture in softly loose and tousled waves. 

Why the Modern Perm Rocks

Here are our top reasons why you should invest in a modern perm: 

Adds life to otherwise limp and fine hair

If your hair is naturally fine or tends to fall limply around your head, then a perm may be the right solution for you. At B Hair our hairdressers have the skills and products to give you just the right amount of volume, without compromising on hair health.

If you have really straight hair, and you keep reaching for the curling iron, a perm will give you the same look, with a lot less effort. You can go completely curly, or opt for the subtlest of perms to give you a wavy look that does not require much work.

It is completely customisable

Looking for a hairstyle that defines you? The modern perm will not disappoint. At B Hair we will work with you to create a unique look through customised placement of rods and careful selection of rod sizes.

It reduces salon trips

A perm will last anywhere between three to six months and the best part is that it will grow out with your hair. Your hairdresser will advise you on the best products that you can use to keep your perm looking good for longer, and maintain hair health.

Low maintenance

The modern perm offers a ‘get up and go’ look. Maintenance is fairly easy and it takes a much shorter time to style.

It’s on trend

Fortunately, technological advances have ensured that the modern perm is nothing like the 80s perm. The rigidity of the 80s perm has been replaced with a softer and beachy feel. The modern perm is also extremely versatile allowing you to achieve different looks.

It can work on any hair

The perm will work on nearly all hair types and textures. The important thing is that your hair is in a healthy condition before it is permed. Hair that has been heat-damaged or bleached, generally speaking, is not a good candidate for perming, as it may suffer more damage.

You should speak to the experts at B Hair to check whether a perm is suitable for your hair and how to maintain hair health.

If you’re interested in getting a modern perm, book an appointment with us today.

B Hair Salon, located in the fashionable Oxford Street precinct of Bulimba is your go-to hairdressing expert. Our hairdressers are friendly, knowledgeable and ready to discuss your perming needs in order to achieve your desired look.

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