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Taming Dry Hair and Frizz in Winter

Most of us are familiar with the need to look after our hair in summer when our tresses are exposed to the hot sun, and the effects of swimming. But we also need to give thought to winter and the challenges it brings to keeping our hair looking its best.

In cooler months our hair is exposed to indoor heating and cold air outside – both of which strip hair of moisture.

Wintry conditions can lead to hair breakage, frizz and lacklustre hair. The drying effects also extend to your scalp, meaning dandruff can make an ugly appearance.

The good news is that with a few tips and a little care, you can minimise the damage, eliminate frizz and bring back shine to your hair this winter.

Regular Treatments

During cooler months it’s a good idea to use at-home treatments around once a week, especially if your hair is coloured, bleached or damaged.

A leave-in treatment or hair mask can help repair damage to your hair and replace lost moisture.

Intensive treatments such as Nak’s Aromas Hydra Therapy with argan oil mask promotes hair softness and manageability.

Hair masks typically only need to stay in your hair for a reasonably short period but act like supercharged hair conditioners.

Add Moisture With Oil

The use of hair oil products such as argan and jojoba oils, can help replenish your hair and scalp during winter, as well as tame flyaway hair.

Adding a few drops to the ends of your hair regularly can help prevent breakage and add shine. Oil products can also be applied to dry scalps to combat dandruff. 

Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner

Using high quality hydrating shampoo and conditioner can have a restorative effect on dry and damaged hair. It is particularly important for hair that has been coloured or bleached. Some hydrating products also can reduce brassiness or enhance your hair colour.

It is a good idea to speak to a hairdressing professional about the best shampoo and conditioner for your hair.

Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling in winter months can further dry out and damage your hair. Where possible air dry your hair rather than using a hairdryer. You may also like to minimise your use curling or straightening irons. Whenever you do use heating equipment, be sure to protect your hair first by applying a heat protectant spray or similar product.

Go Darker

Choosing a darker hair colour or a hue closer to your natural colour for winter can encourage moisture and shine. With the right colour products and techniques, you can treat dry hair and tame frizz, as you won’t need to use harsher bleaches needed to achieve light colours.

Tame Your Winter Hair With B Hair

Get your winter hair looking its best by consulting a hairdressing professional. B Hair are experts in all things hair and stock the products you need to keep your tresses frizz-free and healthy.

Contact us for an obligation-free consultation or book an appointment today. B Hair Salon, located in the fashionable Oxford Street precinct of Bulimba, is your go-to hairdressing expert.



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Chris and Tracey, the owner of B Hair Salon
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