Covid-19 Update: We are fully operational as a business and have taken every precaution we can to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff
Covid-19 Update: We are fully operational as a business and have taken every precaution we can to provide a safe environment for our clients and staff
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Shine with A Kick of Curl: Brisbane’s B Hair Show You how To Get the Look

Shine with A Kick of Curl: Brisbane’s B Hair Show You how To Get the Look

Now that it's finally starting to cool down—it’s time to bring some shine back to your tresses.

While summer is the perfect time for curls and waves, it’s also traditionally a time that our hair cops it from the elements.

As we head into the cooler months, we tend to want more shine and go for sleeker styles. Sleek though doesn’t have to mean poker straight hair.

This season it’s all about shiny blowouts with a kick of curl, as seen on Jesinta Franklin in the recent David Jones Gala Runway Show.

At B Hair we’re loving Jesinta’s new look and want to show you just how to get it.

Just follow our top tips and you too can have super shiny, runway worthy hair.

Start with a great cut

Worried that this style won’t suit you? Fear not.

The great news is that a good hairdresser can help you find the right version of this style that will work for your hair type, condition and face shape.

The key is starting with a high quality cut that works for you and your lifestyle.

Speak to a trusted hairdresser to get advice on the right type of cut for the style you want to achieve.

Have the right tools and products

To achieve a shiny look with a little bit of bounce, invest in some high quality products, specifically a good volumiser and a leave-in moisturiser. We love the product ranges from nak and evo and kms, which we use in our salon to achieve the perfect look for clients.

You will also want to use a good round brush to help blow dry the hair cuticle flat for sheen.

A high quality hair dryer is also an important investment for great styling. Use a hair dryer with a nozzle as shown in our video below.

Finally you’re going to need clips for sectioning your hair.

Prep and rough dry your hair

Wash and towel dry your hair to get all the extra water out. Then put in your volumiser and a leave-in moisturiser according to the product instructions.

Now you want to rough dry your hair with a hair dryer. This means drying your hair by using your hands and no brush. You want to blow out most of the moisture in your hair, to around 80% dry before styling.

For rough drying focus on the roots and blow dry upwards if you’re going for a bit of volume.


Now divide your hair into neat manageable sections using your clips.

Aim for sections that are no wider than the width of your brush. Take a look at our video below to get an idea of section sizes.

The perfect blow-dry

To get a super smooth look, apply tension with your brush on each section of hair.

Try not to gather too much hair on your brush and point the airflow down from the root to tip to achieve maximum shine.

On each section, wrap your hair around the brush focus on drying the roots. Then ensure the mid shaft is dry, before moving on to the ends.

When you are pulling the brush through your hair, pull in in mainly an upwards motion to get curl and volume.

Work you way around the head in tiers until all sections are done.

Add a bit of wave

You can add that kick of curl a few different ways.

As you are styling you can twist hair loosely into ringlets or use tongs for a more defined look.

Another way to get that soft wave is by using large rollers after drying each section, as shown in our short tutorial video below.

At the end run your fingers through your hair until you achieve the desired look and settle your style around your part.

As a final tip to maintain that shine throughout the year, invest in high quality hair products, regular cuts and don’t overuse styling tools.

Want to get an expert to help you get this look? Then book an appointment with the B Hair team, located in the popular Oxford Street precinct of Bulimba.

You can also drop in and have a chat to our friendly team, we’re right next to the Oxford Tap House at 77 Oxford Street, Bulimba.


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