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Mushroom Blonde – the Hottest Item on The Menu

Mushroom Blonde – the Hottest Item on The Menu

Mushroom blonde has been taking the hair world by storm lately – and we aren’t surprised in the least.

This colour is a classic ‘in-between’ combination of blonde and brunette making it a great all-round choice for any season.

If you had to describe the colour you may say it’s a smoky blonde but not too light, too yellow, too gray or too platinum. The shade has just the right tinge of brunette to give it depth and interest.

As you may expect the colour reflects the varied tones and ashy shades you’d find on a mushroom from its top to its underside.

A Colour for Almost Everyone

The beauty of mushroom blonde is that it works for people who have naturally dark hair as well as those with light hair.

A brunette can go lighter with the just the right amount of ashy blonde tones and a blonde can edge to the darker side – with neither version being over the top.

The multitone nature of mushroom blonde also means it can be lower maintenance with regrowth not as obvious as it would be with a more dramatic colour change.

With cleverly placed highlights and lowlights, mushroom blonde can give your hair a natural look that is still entirely modern and on-trend.

Getting Mushroom Blonde Hair

If you’re considering this shade, or any other significant colour change, it’s a good idea to speak to a trusted hair professional.

An expert colourist will consider the condition of your hair, your natural hair colour, your styling habits, your colouring and maintenance before recommending a specific shade.

It helps to show the hairdresser any photos showing the colour or style you want to achieve.

The options are endless when it comes to mushroom blonde. You can retain dark roots or go lighter, or darker all over. Speak to your hair stylist about the overall look you are going for so they can pinpoint the exact right amount of ash, cool and neutral tones to use.

Taking Care of Mushroom Blonde Hairr

Like any chemically treated style, to keep your hair looking its best and to maintain its condition, you can benefit from the application of high quality products in the salon and at home.

At B Hair we identify and use the best products for each client. We can also provide take-home products and treatments specifically designed to promote shine and gloss while protecting your hair against damage between salon visits.

Consult the Colour Experts

If you want to speak to a colour expert, reach out to our friendly team at B Hair. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

With decades of experience, we pride ourselves on our colour and style expertise, as well as our commitment to exceptional customer service.

Contact us for an obligation-free consultation or book an appointment today. B Hair Salon, located in the fashionable Oxford Street precinct of Bulimba, are the local hairdressing specialists you can trust.

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