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How to Choose the Right Haircut for You – Tips from Leading Brisbane Hair Salon B Hair

The perfect haircut. 

We all want it and often we think we’ve found it.

We look at pictures of celebrities with a gorgeously styled cut and decide that we’ve found the perfect look.

We start picturing how fabulous it looks on us, and we head off the hairdresser armed with said picture and a request for the exact same cut.

Typically the hairdresser recreates the exact haircut on you, but you’re devastated to realise it doesn’t look nearly as good as what you pictured. 

Perhaps it looks great in the salon, but a few days later it has deteriorated into an uncontrollable or unattractive mess that you can’t style yourself.

More often than not the cause of this disappointment isn’t the hairdresser or their skills, but the type of cut chosen.

A good hairdresser will always try to guide you towards the type of cut that is best for you. 

This may mean modifying your dream cut slightly or considering something different.

We consider several factors when helping clients to choose the right haircut for them. 

Here are several general guidelines to help you find the perfect cut.

Face shape

Round face – short pixie chops can work well on this face shape, whereas bobs that finish right on the jawline can make your face look rounder. For medium length hair consider a shoulder length bob, with soft layers around the neck, like Emma Stone’s gorgeous look. A few light layers at the bottom of long hair can reduce volume around the side.

Heart face – a short pixie chop can also look great on this face shape, but works best if kept short on the sides with longer layers on top. Choppy layers on top will break up the width at the top of the face. Medium length hair ending at the collarbone, with a sweeping fringe, can also suit this shape well. Long hair with uniform layers can look great, as well as heavy fringes, like Zooey Deschanel’s  look.

Oval face – an angular bob that finishes at the jawline can add roundness to this face shape. Layering on medium length and long hair can add body and prevent the hair from clinging to the side of the face, further elongating it. Sweeping side fringes, like Carey Mulligan’s, also look great.

Square face – to soften the angles of this face shape, try a soft layered, short bob like Cameron Diaz. If going for a longer look, start layers around shoulder length. You want to avoid blunt type cuts and go for any layering that adds softness to the face.

Hair type

Fine hair – you will need a cut that gives you volume. Great shaping and product aids can keep hair from looking limp and sitting flat. 

Coarse hair – it’s best to look for hairstyles with less bulk and consider layer cuts.

Hair density

Thin – if you don’t have a lot of hair coverage, you can make it look thicker with cuts that are longer and heavier on top.  

Thick – if you have thick hair, most cuts can be modified to work better for you by razor cutting or slicing.

You should also discuss with your hairdresser other key factors such as:

  • Hair condition – for example super long cuts may not work that well for you if your hair is chemically treated, coloured or is damaged.
  • Your styling preferences – some haircuts will require longer to style than others. Some may require you to use heating appliances and products a lot. You should take into your account your lifestyle. Do you swim a lot? How often do you wash your hair? How much time do you have to get ready each day? You should choose a cut that you can easily style according to your lifestyle.
  • Maintenance – some cuts and fringes may require more frequent trips to the hair salon than others. They may also need special products to look their best. Thoroughly discuss this with your hairdresser.

What next?

Let us help create the perfect haircut for you. Book an appointment with the B Hair team, or drop in and see us at 77 Oxford Street, Bulimba, in the popular Oxford Street precinct of Brisbane. 

If you love your craft, get up everyday to make people feel amazing through hairdressing and know how to work well in a team, we want to meet you.
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Chris and Tracey, the owners of BHair Salon
Chris and Tracey, the owner of B Hair Salon
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