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Bulimba’s B Hair Shows You How to Create Curls With A Straightener or ghd Iron

We’ve all done it.

We’ve pored over those images of celebrities with gorgeous and effortless looking curls or waves, and wondered enviously: “Why doesn’t my hair look like that?”.

Here’s a little tip. 

It’s incredibly likely that many of those celebrities don’t have hair like that either…at least not naturally.

They may even have poker-straight hair and have turned to a trusty hair iron for a little help.

The great news is that whether you want soft voluminous curls or natural looking waves that stay perfect, rain, hail or shine, you too can have it.

We're going to share with you, how to get beautiful curls or waves with your ghd or hair straightening iron.

Think Jennifer Hawkins and her natural-looking, easy waves.

With a little practice you too will have celebrity worthy hair in no time.

1. Start with dry hair

Ensure your hair is completely dry before starting. Brush it through and part where you prefer. 

2. Prep your iron

Get your ghd or flat iron ready by heating it up to the regular temperature you use. The regular width irons work best. The wider or paddle style irons are much harder to handle and wrap hair around.

3. Protect your hair

Apply a heat protectant or a thermal spray by spraying all over your hair and combing through. This step will help protect your hair and is incredibly important for colour treated hair or if you regularly use irons or hairdryers on your hair.

For thicker hair, spray in sections to ensure you don’t miss any.

4. Section your hair

Part your hair into neat manageable sections using clips. You will want to then create two or three curls from each of these sections. Keep in mind when creating the sections that you will be curling from bottom to top within each section, rather than from side to side (this will provide more volume).

Leave down the bottom layer closest to the nape of your neck. This is the first section you will tackle.

5. Curl your hair

Starting with the bottom layer of hair, take a smaller selection of hair from within the section you’re working on (starting at the bottom of the section) and clamp your ghd or iron down on where you would like your curl to start.

Now turn the ghd or iron back on itself while maintaining a firm hold on the hair.

Now slowly and steadily move the ghd down the hair shaft until a curl takes shape.Twirl your fingers through the hair to encourage the curl shape. You may wish to secure the curl with a bobby pin to help it set.

Twirl your fingers through the hair to encourage the curl shape. You may wish to secure the curl with a bobby pin to help it set.

Move upwards to the next section within each layer and create another curl, following the above process.

Keep curling in sections, making your way from bottom to top, leaving the top, front section to last.

6. Finish up

Remove any curls you have secured with pins and run your hands gently through your hair, finely tuning any curls with your finger tips as needed.

For looser curls and a more natural wavy look, shake your head lightly and run your fingers more firmly through your curls.

Spray your hair with a light mist with hairspray to give extra hold.

Watch our videos below to see how we create gorgeous ghd curls for our clients.

Key tips

  • For smaller tighter curls or ringlets use smaller sections of hair. 
  • Larger sections will create looser curls or waves.  
  • Don’t make every curl the same. For example you can create larger curls at the bottom for volume and smaller curls to frame your face. 
  • Try curling both over and under the ghd or iron for variation.
  • You may also like to use a mixture of flicks and curls. To create a flick start halfway down the length of your hair. Working closer to the scalp will create more defined curls.
  • When turning the ghd or iron back on itself, test turning it back a half, three quarter and full turn, as these will all give different results. Choose the result that works best for you and your hair.  
  • For glamorous Hollywood style waves brush through your curls with a large paddle brush.
  • Use high quality products to prepare and finish off the perfect look. We love the product ranges from nak and evo and kms, which we use in our salon.

Why not let one of our talented stylists help create a gorgeous curly or wavy look for you? Book an appointment with the B Hair team, located at 77 Oxford Street, Bulimba, in the popular Oxford Street precinct of Brisbane. 

If you love your craft, get up everyday to make people feel amazing through hairdressing and know how to work well in a team, we want to meet you.
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Chris and Tracey, the owners of BHair Salon
Chris and Tracey, the owner of B Hair Salon
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